Life sciences have proven throughout time that their physical body or brain cannot define a person, just as the wire through which it travels cannot define electricity. We are, rather, a life force of energy in a constant state of flux.  When it comes to self-image, this presents a problem because it is normally based on rather fixed beliefs about ourselves or on the even more fixed opinions of others about us. For example, often times when an overweight person loses weight, the person they see in the mirror is more a representation of the past overweight person than the new more trim one.  They continue to believe that they are “unfit” and therefore are unhappy with themselves.  Without a change to their deep inner image, people see themselves as they always have. Simply saying to yourself that you are fit and beautiful will not do anything if the idea of being fit and beautiful is not consistent with how you see yourself deep down.

So if positive self-image is the pivotal step to a better life are we all doomed to unhappiness?  Absolutely not because self-image is value neutral, it doesn’t automatically move to positive or negative, rather it forms itself on the psychological food it is fed.  And most importantly, remember, it is a very changeable system.

Since the brain thinks in terms of images, you simply need to create the desired image of yourself that comes from a point of the master positive emotion, love and your brain, nervous system and body will begin creating constant, supportive feedback that lives up to the new image we have.  Science has proven repeatedly that our brains and bodies are very obedient servants of the images we place deep inside ourselves.  If we look at any aspect of ourselves from the point of disgust or fear, negative self-image results and true positive change is near impossible.  If we look at aspects of ourselves that we would like to change with respect and love, and visualize those feelings accompanied by the change we would like to make, then all we have to do to create lasting positive change is to make a realistic goal, embrace it and become that goal. Having a goal is a waste of psychological effort; visualizing the goal and becoming the goal is the critical precipitator to everlasting change.Just as a new life is being formed inside a pregnant woman and the thought of this new life is love. Her shape transforms and she learns to love her new size. But if she is down and upset about being pregnant then the thought of a bigger shape will be negative. Instead of thinking that parts of you need to be fixed – change the mentality to a positive one, and send love to every single part of you. Create everlasting changes not based on “the need to fix” but from love.