We’ve all heard about the importance of a good breakfast. Yet most of us are so busy trying to get out the door, we often forget to eat. However if we really analyze the word “Break Fast” we soon realize how important it is to fuel our body for the day ahead. After all, most of us sleep at least 5 to 8 hours a night and by the time we wake up, our mind/body engines are empty.

So how do we fuel our engines when time isn’t on our side?

  1. One easy way is to try a simple stretch as soon as we open our eyes. Stretch and say hello to the day. This is known as a sun salutation. It’s a wonderful way to get the blood circulating through our body while feeding our brain much needed oxygen.
  2. Second, is to set an intention for the day. This is a simple yet effective tool to keep us focused on our day. For example: “Today, I be awesome in all I do” or “today, I will take the stairs instead of the elevator”. This can be a very powerful motivator.
  3. Next is to prepare important tasks the night before. This is one of the best timesaving strategies to make sure mornings go as planned. Prep a healthy breakfast, pack a nutritious lunch or decide ahead of time which outfit to wear.
  4. No time for a sit down breakfast? Think blender! Nothing is easier that tossing everything in a blender for a morning smoothie. There are also many nutritious prepared smoothies on the market today. Most are full of essential nutrients and minerals plus will kick start you metabolize for the day ahead. Just make sure to read the ingredient list. Avoid those with added sugars or fillers. If you need a little energy boost, try adding chilled green tea to your smoothie. A much healthier alternative to coffee.
  5. Think about creating a space bubble. Adding five minutes to your primary clock will help ease the anxiety of the morning rush. This space bubble ensures you’ll always have extra minutes for unforeseen delays.
  6. Finally, smile and breathe. Your morning routine just got a whole lot easier!