I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Meditation isn’t just for wimps anymore. Some of the most successful and powerful people use meditation techniques to advance their careers. Simply put: Meditation is the practice of warriors. Fortune 500 warriors, media warriors, professional athletes, musicians, best selling authors and yes, even comedians are on the mindful path of living a life of purpose. From the Beatles to Oprah to Russell Brand-all have used meditation as a means to stay balanced in the chaotic world of fame and infamy.

It also seems the more wildly successful these people are, the more they attribute their success to regular meditation. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, successful people who practice meditation say it helps with learning, improves productivity and also gives them the ability to quiet the mind. In other words, by tuning out distractions, successful people are able to stay focused long enough to achieve great things.

This makes sense. Because if we look at the original Sanskrit meaning “meditation” simply means “being in the moment”.
Being in the moment allows us to experience an inner stillness that is not cluttered with the worry of tomorrow. Being in the moment also allows us to quiet the voices of the past. Voices that may judge us or make us feel less than capable. This in itself is worth exploring.

Yet with over one hundred and twelve different meditation schools, it’s often hard to figure out which one is a right fit.
Keep in mind all meditation is designed to accomplish three main things:
Improve concentration

Heighten awareness

Allow creative expression

How we choose to reach these three important states is a matter of personal comfort. Some are comfortable with chants and mantras; others are comfortable with dancing, deep breathing exercises or yoga. Still others practice stillness, prayer and visualization. Each warrior will choose his or her own path yet all paths will lead to a deeper understanding of self and the world around us.

While all this sounds airy-fairy, there are also tangible benefits to our health and memory functions. For those “real men” who may not like the idea of wearing white or floating on a cloud; keep in mind if you’re struggling with issues like stress, memory recall or keeping things in perspective, meditation just may alleviate these very real conditions.

Because it turns out, studies show regular mediation changes certain regions of the brain for the better. So remember, meditation isn’t just for wimps. It’s for people who want to be smarter, calmer and successful.