I was once told that if I could count on the fingers from one hand the number of true friends I have had in my life, I would be amazingly blessed. I took that to heart and made it a life-long promise to myself to put the cultivation and nourishing of others at the center of my world. Where has that gotten me?

With all the ups and downs; hurts and triumphs, I can firmly state that as of today I am surrounded by the most supportive circle of friends and family anyone could ask for. You can be too! I will share the secret that I figured out a few years ago: BE PRESENT.

Being fully present in a moment allows you to hear what people are telling you, pick up on the small nuances of their tone of voice, body language, and expressions. It means making eye contact and asking questions when you do not understand. It means full physical, emotional, and spiritual engagement in that particular moment. When I am fully present in a moment it is something that the other person can feel, and that feeling is of being special and of being respected.

The ability to be present is something I have worked on for a long time, and still sometimes find challenging, but will never abandon. The practice of being present in my own life is part of what inspired me to help others be present in their lives.