Technology and my family are synonyms. With a husband that spent years building businesses around technology, and a daughter who knows how to edit an iMovie and spends her days in a classroom sharing digital projects with her classmates, I’m always frantically trying to catch up.
At the Evolution of Medicine Summit one of the big discussions was around the use of technology in medicine. The advances are truly astonishing.
The devices we have make life so much easier and fun!

Today I wanted to share some of the apps that I use frequently:
Fitbit. Oh my, do you need any more motivation?
My Fitness Pal. You can count your calories by entering the foods you eat into an online diary, as well as keep track of exercise.
7-Minute Workout. Don’t tell me you don’t have 7 minutes for a workout!
Meditations. My secret weapon – 10 minute ENERGY BOOST guided meditation.
Yoga studio. I’m not flexible, and this app has multiple levels of difficulty. I’m working on it.
Lumosity – for keeping the brain sharp.