Healthy Intent Magazine, Fall 2015

Healthy Intent issue 2 Fall 2015


Fall issue (#2) of Healthy Intent magazine has truly become an international experience. The main theme threading through this issue is Gratitude.
Thanksgiving is 11 weeks away – that means you have an incredible opportunity to start a new tradition. Don’t wait till that day to say “Thanks” for your life. Start today! Get a big jar and write what you are thankful for every day for the next few weeks. Opening and reading the notes will remind you to stay positive even though the toughest moments. When you are in a state of gratitude, you will see amazing shifts starting to happen. {tweet this @hihealthyintent}
I’ve been so thrilled by the response of our readers, and excited to present to you this issue’s contributors.

Meet the Authors.

Our cover girl Carrie Charles is the ultimate example of how each of us can overcome adversity in life. She is one of the most elite life coaches in the country. She consults with CEOs, entrepreneurs who have created companies valued at over one billion, movie producers and world champion athletes. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Shatterproof. Carrie presented very valuable advice on how to transform problems into opportunities.

We have beautiful recipes from Trisha & Kuteer Zanasi of and very talented Elizabeth Stein, founder of “Purely Elizabeth” {read our interview}.
Get ready for some awesome entrepreneurial advice from Haley Lynn Gray founder of Leadership Girl in her new column “Ask Haley.”

Jessica Ginn Boehm is a survivor of Chronic Mylogenous Leukaemia. She also lives with Chron’s Disease and chronic migraines. She thrives off of real foods and looks for the silver lining in life. She shared a deeply personal story of her challenging illness and how she has dealt with it through gratitude.

Sex coach Gaia Shawna Morrissette ( offers her perspective on having better relationships.

You will absolutely love some unconventional working out suggestions from Kathleen Robb, and will definitely want to try out my 10 new favourite exercises for total transformation from Dorte Ertboll Loken, founder of Soul-V, which offers nutrition and exercise programs for women.

I had a lot of fun getting to know Jessica Nazarali and picking up great tips on how to best balance business with travel.

To wrap up, make sure to check out 2 very interesting articles that will change your perspective on life from coach Jasmine Winslow and author Joy Wynne Galatro

I bet you can’t wait to inhale this issue now! Get it HERE


XO Natalia