Kids snacks – Banana Face


Hope you’re having as much fun with the kids snacks this week as we are!
I have found that if I just cut up bananas and put peanut butter next to them on a spoon, it just doesn’t look as appetizing as a fun presentation. How many times have you gone to the restaurant and saw a waiter walk by with a creatively put together dish, and said “oh I want that!” Your kids will appreciate extra effort and creativity. Before you know it, they’ll be helping you come up with new designs on the plate.

Hands on time – 5-10 minutes (depends on your knife skills)


Melon for the “hair”
Raisins for the “eyes”
Raspberry for the “nose”
Peanut butter


1.┬áSlice cantaloupe into thin strips to make “hair.”

2. Slice bananas. “Connect” 2 pieces of banana with peanut butter or Nutella.

3. Arrange on the plate into a “face.”