5 Guaranteed Ways To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Do you like to run?


Unfortunately, that particular activity still remains a chore for me. On one beautiful Saturday morning I had woken up unusually early and decided to throw caution and go for it, a full 5 miles. This was a pretty lofty goal for a person who only ventures out roughly once a month.


But the weather was so gorgeous and inviting, plus there was the added benefit of knowing that my run would take me along the water, allowing me to catch a glimpse of the most spectacular vistas. As soon as I pressed “Start” on my Nike run app, I experienced a moment of clarity and this article had essentially written itself.


The following is a list of five guaranteed ways for you to overcome your exercise malaise and achieve all of your fitness goals.


  1. Take A Look At The Larger Picture


One of the traps that we often fall into is failing to view our fitness routine as a complete lifestyle change. For example, I used to look at my 5 mile run as a large undertaking, until I realized the importance of pacing myself. If you allow yourself to become too enthusiastic, too soon, you will burn out before having a chance to reach your goals. Focus on making a series of small changes, as opposed to large, sweeping ones.


  1. Have A Support System In Place


During my runs, as I watched the super fit people run past me, or saw the grandmas walk by, I came to a crucial realization: my desire to get fit was fueled by the inspiration I would receive from others. As such, it behooves you to acquire an accountability partner, a person who is at the same level of fitness and can serve as your motivation on those days when you do not wish to work out.


  1. Watch Out For Dog Poop


In both the literal sense and figuratively speaking, of course. No matter what, life is going throw you curves and there are always ill-wishers at every turn. Keep your eyes on the prize and do not allow these people and events to throw you off of your path.


  1. What’s Your Tune?


As any runner knows, the experience is always much better when there is music to accompany you and provide a soundtrack. However, your thoughts also function as a background tune of sorts. Are you playing the right tune? Are you giving yourself the love and support needed to push through the painful moments and move forward? Be sure to adjust your mental dial accordingly.


  1. Reward Yourself


This does not mean that you get to have an ice cream sundae every time you successfully complete a workout, but it does mean that you should provide yourself with a reward when you have reached certain milestones. When you reach your target weight, don’t be afraid to indulge yourself with a special treat.


Maybe you’ll get inspired to run after watching this TED talk?

Now here’s my challenge for you: Set one goal that may seem just a little too big, and tell us what motivates you to reach it.