Healthy Intent Magazine, Winter 2015

Winter 2015-2016 issue (#3) of Healthy Intent magazine is very special. It is dedicated to magic. Not the magic cooked up by a witch in a cabin in the woods somewhere. But the real magic that floats around every day, in people, relationships, surroundings and us.

Even putting together this magazine for you is a magical process – I’ve connected with so many contributors and readers. These connections are the core of having strong positive relationships.

It is my wish for you to start your NEW YEAR with healthy intentions, enjoy your family and work.

Let’s meet this issue’s contributors.

Meet the Authors.

Our cover girl Elena Bensonoff is someone you want to know. She is Consultant Pharmacist, Artisan Perfumer, Spiritual Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Founder of Wholistic. Our services range from Energy Balancing, Feng Shui and Salt-Healing Sessions to HeartMath Intervention, Uplifting Products that include organic hand-crafted lotions, nourishing body butters, and Luxurious Perfumes formulated using only the most natural of ingredients. In her cover story Elena is spilling her secrets to living a magical life.


We’ve been honored that Anya Kassoff, the founder of Golubka {a blog where she shares her ideas about tasty and nourishing cooking} has shared one of her delicious recipes with you. Her cookbook The Vibrant Table has been praised by Bon Appetit magazine. The recipes in the book are always vegetarian, mostly vegan, gluten-free, and sometimes
Healthy food and lifestyle blogger and contributor of her favorite breakfast recipe Lienna May loves sharing her passion of eating healthy and nourishing food on her website


Get ready for some awesome entrepreneurial advice from Haley Lynn Gray founder of Leadership Girl in her column “Ask Haley.”


I’m sharing my personal speaking coach with you: Elizabeth (Liza) MacDonald. She is the founder of The Verbal Edge. Elizabeth transforms good communicators into exceptional communicators—tailoring her Verbal Edge consultations and/or workshops to their goals. He advice is priceless!


Our fitness contributor Dorte Ertboll Loken, founder of Soul-V, which offers nutrition and exercise programs for women, will help you stay fit through the holidays.


You’ll LOVE getting to know Paul Samuel Dolman! He is an author, teacher, student, speaker. Paul wrote the highly successful book, Hitchhiking With Larry David (Gotham/Penguin) and the sequel, Martha’s Vineyard Miracles. He travels and gives talks on personal awareness.


Sharon Fekete, The Doctor Whisperer, has been working in the medical arena for over 15 years. Sharon is sharing her relationship-building stories. We all definitely have something to learn from her.

Kate Waite radiates beauty. She is writer, author of the book “Beauty Unfolding,” entrepreneur and expert in unveiling one’s greatest potential She reminds us of the importance of taking the journey within.

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