The Importance Of Intentions for A Successful Day

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer


Everything we do in a day, in fact in a lifetime; begins with intention. We intend to get up, dress ourselves go to work and drop the kids off at school. We intend to take the stairs, have salad for lunch and be nice to the co-worker who drains the coffee pot and never makes a fresh one. Okay, so not all of our good intentions come to pass. But the fact is, we begin with intentions. We make choices every day


On a larger scale; intentions have defined our lives. It is our intentions to get an education, find the right career and mate that begin our adult lives. Nothing has ever happened in our lives that did not start with a good or not so good intention.


It is safe to say, our lives are cultivated by the direct and indirect results of our intentions. Every intention reaps some sort of result. If our intentions are good, well thought out and carried out with honesty and integrity, the results are going to be good. (That is not to say they will be exactly what we thought, but they will be good.) If our intentions are dishonorable, vengeful or cruel; our results (or consequences) will likewise be dishonorable, cruel and well, just what we deserve.


Every day is a new chance to begin with the intent of having a great and happy day. If we rise with the mindset that we will accomplish our goals today with a good attitude, and open mind and a goal of living the day (not just surviving it); we are guaranteed to succeed.


Of course there will be obstacles. Everyone around us does not have the same peaceful mindset. And yes, we will have to adjust our plan to fit the situation. But it is not the steps we take to get to the goal of a happy day that count; it is the success of accomplishing our intent of realizing a happy day that matter. Our ability to adjust to the situations we encounter that makes reaching our intended peaceful and happy day makes realization of that happiness everyday a reality.


We may not be able to prevent the puppy from chewing up our new shoe, or prevent the fast food worker from giving us the wrong order or prevent our child from forgetting her science project that is due today at home. But how we react to those obstacles has a direct influence on how we carry out our intentions of a day of laughter and wonder. And if we accomplish our happy days often, we soon realize we managed a happy week, year and eventually a happy life! And isn’t that what really matters?