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Spring 2016 issue (#4) of Healthy Intent magazine is going to take you on a journey. Yes, you guess correctly – that’s the theme threading this issue. We all go through journeys. Every minute, hour, day, week, month… Our life is filled with mini-journeys and big journeys that teach us much needed lessons or just make us feel good.

Healthy Intent is a two-year journey for me at this point and I’m so honored to share it with you.

Let’s meet this issue’s contributors.

Meet the Authors.

Our cover beauty Chelsea Bond is the talent behind the gorgeous jewelry that you see on the cover of my book “Cravings Boss” (yes, the pieces were made the night before and are now named after me). All the pieces are handcrafted and make you feel like your are transported to a different part of the world. www.chelseabondjewelry.com


Sometimes I browse the internet looking for beautiful food blogs. That’s how I came across Kaylee Pauley. She graciously shared her recipe for vegetarian burgers that make your mouth water! www.lemonsandbasil.com
Julie Bauer is the founder of www.healthibella.com and a lover of all things yummy and healthy. Her quinoa risotto is fantastic! A must try.


Get ready for some awesome entrepreneurial advice from Haley Lynn Gray founder of Leadership Girl www.leadershipgirl.com in her column “Ask Haley.”


Online world is filled with interesting people!  Jordan Jaffe has created one of the most engaging and supportive Facebook groups. Her sweet (and yes, introverted) personality makes you instantly feel comfortable and at ease. In our interview she shares some personal stories and great tips for entrepreneurs.


As a mom myself, I could really appreciate the article by Allison Ford, where she shares her wisdom on how to start communicating with kids. Allison runs a coaching business “Get Glowing,” which allows women to step into their Glow when it comes to parenting, relationships, and business.  www.getglowingnow.com


I was captivated when I first heard Robyn Sayles speak on stage. She is a Fascination advantage expert and a business/marketing professional. Robyn takes your on the Adventure with CHOICES in her article.


Diana Rabin is a healthy lifestyle coach and shares her easily implemented advice on HOW TO KEEP THAT WEIGHT FROM COMING BACK. www.feelsogoodagain.com 


Do you ever feel stuck? Not know what to do NEXT? You’ll love the article by Helen Chalmers. It’ll help the decision of taking that next step so much easier. Helen is a practicing psychotherapist and founder of www.thoughtfultherapydallas.com


Article by Maile Topliff  “Unpacking curiosity for your Journey” will leave you ready ash perspective. d inspired to approach every adventure with fresh perspective. Maile is an Executive Coach, HR/Organizational Development Consultant, People Cham-pion, speaker, and facilitator.

Make sure to not only bring your curiosity to the Viceroy Snowmass but also a Journal. You’ll fall in love with the hotel, the staff and the spa treatment that will unlock your creativity. Visit Viceroy Snowmass HERE



I happened to be in New York city this March for the Integrative Healthcare Symposium and learned about the art of Tai Chi. I became absolutely fascinated after reading the submission article by one of our contributors – Marc Meyer. Learn more about Marc’s journey and his book at www.marcmeyer-books.com


This issue wraps up with a personal story that will touch your hearts. You think a house is just a house? You’ll never think the same way after reading Tonia Adleta’s article. She is the owner and Creative Director of Aribella Events, an award-winning wedding and event plan-ning/custom floral design studio with roots in the Philadelphia area. Highly sought after and well-loved by her cli-ents, she strives to make a difference by creating moments worthy of celebration. www.aribellaevents.com
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