Oops – did you gain weight? Here’s why.

Female feet in golden stilettos with weight scale on wooden floor

And so it happened… You stepped on the scale and can’t believe your eyes.

Gaining weight is easy and can be frustrating. Between the holidays, office parties, birthday parties, eating out, we are presented with opportunities to indulge multiple times a day. Not to mention a little piece of biscotti with that cappuccino, or finishing up kids mac and cheese – the empty calories seem to show up from nowhere. Or weighing yourself in brand new fancy shoes and a mommy purse in hand.


Let’s put on our special head gear and go on a little exploration trip for unwanted calorie sources or circumstances that we had to face this week.


For easy organization, we can split our findings in different categories:


  1. Physiology. Do all your organs function properly, are you providing your body with the right nutrients to support its optimum function. ~ Having well balanced meals throughout the day is key.


  1. Environment. What do you surround yourself with? Are you in the area that would make you more inclined to be physically active? Do you spend much time sitting in the car or the couch? Or at buffets? ~ Maybe it’s time to explore a new travel route, rearrange furniture, find new places to eat out, or cook more at home, clean out the pantry.


  1. Relationships.  How are the relationships you are in affecting the food you eat? Does your family support or derail you from the path of health. ~ Announce to people in your close circle that you are counting on their support. For extra encouragement, check out our new CRAVINGS BOSS™ community Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/247024462314471/


  1. Career. Are you in an environment that’s high stress, or sitting in front of the computer all day? From raised cortisol levels, to low activity, to daily office doughnuts – these are all the factors that contribute to expanding waistlines. ~ Create a health culture in your work place: maybe organize a fitness challenge, participate in outdoor activities, or organize a “Bring your favorite healthy snack” day.


  1. Bad habits. Sometimes we become slaves of our bad habits. The stuff is just there, and before you know it, you’re staring at the empty bag of [insert guilty pleasure], or the car has a mind of its own and turns into a corner store, filled with all-you-can-eat-junk. ~ Tackle this one bad habit at a time. If you need help controlling your cravings, pick up a copy of “Cravings Boss.” If you need help learning to cook, enroll in the cooking class in your neighborhood. There are many options and solutions available.


The best way to deal with this is to be aware and take action.

I’d love to hear from you: which one (or several) of the above mentioned challenges have you faced?