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Summer 2016 issue (#5) of Healthy Intent magazine is about something we want more of… CONFIDENCE.

I’ve gone through a very big personal transformation, and there have been many people who played instrumental role in mentoring me, advising, crying and laughing with me, sharing ups and downs, and most important, never left my side because they believed in me!

Women are mothers, daughters, caretakers, teachers, wives, business owners – we wear soo many hats. Our environments, relationships, life circumstances sometimes don’t allow us to develop confidence to thrive at everything we do.

This issue is my GIFT TO YOU.

And speaking of gifts, my personal branding photographer and good friend Heidi Hapanowicz has prepared a special gift for you: $100 off her brand new course that would teach you step by step how to design a photo shoot of your dreams that would take your brand to the next level. use the coupon code CONFIDENCE. This will be one of the best investments into your business.

Meet the Authors.


Let’s meet our contributors:

Heather Dane is the personal health coach of Louise Hay. She’s talking about the benefits of BONE BROTH and sharing her incredible recipe you can make at home.

When the merrymaker sisters Emma and Carla Papas sent their recipe for LOW FRUCTOSE VEGAN SALTED CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SLICE, my moth instantly started watering. You’ll find this hard to resist too. Cravings Boss approvedJ

Our cover girl Helen Foesset takes you through her very personal business journey, and is sharing her biggest lessons.

I had the privilege of interviewing Particia Rossi – one of the world’s top etiquette experts about life and good manners.

Get ready for some awesome entrepreneurial advice from Haley Lynn Gray founder of Leadership Girl in her column “Ask Haley.”

Soness Stevens is my TED coach, and she is explaining the differences in different styles of TED talks. It’s fascinating and the suggestions can be adapted to how you generally structure your talks.

Cathy Chiba shows you how to claim your best self in her very raw and real article. Everyone will be able to take something away for themselves from this one.

Debbie Lacy offers a unique approach to confidence with her article 51% SELF-CONFIDENT IS GOOD ENOUGH. You simply can’t fail with this one!

Part of being confident is how you look. A fashion stylist Hilde Fossen shows you how to do just that.

Dr Juliana Morris takes us on a journey through Morocco into the feminine sexuality confidence.

Clementina Esposito has a special way with words. Her article will make you believe you already have Killer Confidence!

And to wrap up the issue, we have 2 more incredible stories from Kathleen Thompson and Mimika Cooney – that you won’t wan to miss!
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