5 easy tips to avoid cravings traps during any travel

My family and I have traveled throughout the world and while these trips have provided us with a unique perspective, each trip that we take presents a new set of challenges. In the summer season many folks travel a lot, and it can become challenging sticking to your normal routine. The good news is that modern day traveling is much different than it was even a few short years ago.

A multitude of airports now provide fresh food stands for health conscious travelers and these stands offer a wide selection of salads, fresh fruits and nuts. While some people travel for business, others travel for pleasure, and the predictability of your chosen journey is a key factor when it comes to being prepared to avoid the inevitable cravings that will take place during your trip.


What are the biggest crave challenges that we face during our travels and how can we avoid them? Read on to learn more about how you can keep cravings at bay during your next trip.


  1. Rescue for Lengthy Flights


If you are on a long flight, it can be easy to give in to your cravings and simply reach for chips and cookies to keep yourself satiated. However, you can prepare yourself for a long flight by requesting vegan, vegetarian or gluten free dining options. If these options are not available to you, you can pack your own healthy snack. Fresh fruits, jerky and packaged nuts are highly filling and can keep you from making an eating decision that you are going to regret later.


  1. Hotel Mini Bar – Use it Wisely

Upon arrival at the hotel, the minibar can start beckoning almost immediately. Those who are placed in a position where they must choose something from their mini bar should stick to nuts and fresh fruit. Ask your hotels’ front desk if they offer complimentary water bottles. If not, purchase some from a nearby store. You can either empty out your hotel fridge and stock it with healthier options or you can bring a portable cooler of snacks. Explain your dietary restrictions to the front desk and see if they can provide a blender for making smoothies.


  1. Go Tech


What holiday traveling excursion would be complete without finding a great place to dine out? To assist you with finding healthy restaurants in the region that you are traveling to, there is a wide range of mobile apps. Find Me Gluten Free, Clean plates, Healthy out and others can become extremely helpful.


  1. Exercise on the go


There is no reason why you can’t exercise during your trip. Cravings start to kick in when we do not remain active and get out of normal routine. Since traveling tends to make us tired, we become susceptible to salt and sugar related cravings. To overcome this challenge, find a hotel that has a gym attached or use a fitness app to get in a quick workout in your room. You can also pack a jump rope or some elastic bands in your luggage or take a hike if the circumstances allow for it.


  1. Get to Know the Locals


We do not always know the areas we travel to, and when this happens, it becomes much easier to simply reach for the familiar and convenient. Instead of waiting for the temptations to kick in, take a moment to speak to some locals and find out more about the healthy dining options in the area. And I’m not talking about asking a concierge. Ask a local hair salon owner or wander into a local gym or yoga studio. Inquire about parks and activities in the region that are geared towards the health conscious.

With these tips cravings on your next trip will be a lot more manageable.