Carrot Mojito Juice

Don’t you just love summer? With trips to the beach, sunshine and all the yummy fresh fruit.
I’ve been completely obsessed with juicing everything! A juice every single afternoon has become my go-to snack, It’s given me energy to the rest of the day, my skin looks better than ever and I KNOW I’m getting so so many minerals and vitamins.


I know you’ll love this combo – it’ll remind you of the warm Miami sun and latin flavors. It’ll make you want to get up and dance some salsa with a huge smile on your face.
Adding a bit of rum and ice to it would make an outstanding party drink!


1 apple
1 cup spinach
3-4 fresh mint sprigs
1/2 lime
4 carrots


This will make approx 10 oz of juice.
Mmm… my mouth is watering now… going to the kitchen to create some new flavor sensations;)