Face your Halloween sugar overdose like a Cravings Boss

Halloween party with children holding carving pumkin.

Some scary statistics to begin:

According to the World Health Organization the number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. And these numbers are projected to keep rising. By 2030 diabetes is projected to be the 7th leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Halloween is the biggest day in the US not only for the amount of people who dress up in the cute, scary, sexy outfits, unleashing their alter ego, but for the most consumed amount of sugar.


So how do you avoid getting trapped in your jeans or a dress (once on a cruise I had to have my dress cut off me after 5 servings of cherries jubilee)

  • If you are having a party – you are in charge of helping people feeling great throughout the night.

Create trail mixes using air-popped pop corn, look up recipes online to bake with stevia, honey and coconut sugar instead of white sugar, and coconut or almond flour instead of regular white flour, try creating grilled veggie monster platters, using beets and tomatoes to make blood-like looking sauces and dips.

  • How to handle all the leftover holiday candy?

After Halloween is over, let your child pick one treat to eat each day for 1 week, donate the rest.

  • New ideas to keep on hand for the trick-or treater’s:

Googly eyes, lip balm, pom poms, erasers – think arts and crafts. You can pick up items in your local dollar store, or even get a wholesale rices on the internet.


If you are struggling with sugar cravings, pick up the copy of “Cravings Boss – the real reason you crave food and a 5-step plan to take back control.” Available on Amazon.

Wishing you all a fun Halloween!