Foods to eat after a flight to manage travel discomfort

I’m proud to say I live in a city where the first scheduled commercial flight took place in 1914 across Tampa Bay.


Now on average over 100,000 flights go around the globe every day. That’s nothing short of amazing!


I love traveling… enough to spend 17 hours on a flight to Australia over Christmas break. Not counting the way back;)


A lot of things happen during air travel, as our body is exposed to a very high air pressure. As a result, we can potentially face a wide array of health challenges, some not making themselves visible right away, and some coming out right away. And that’s when you can’t change a seat in a crowded plane…


Flying can mess up our bodies. The idea is to address these problems as fast as possible. 

The list below addresses most common issues that come up, and how to solve them using food as medicine.



For Upset stomach:


Some travelers experience an upset stomach after a flight. This is common, but it can also be very uncomfortable.



Ginger. It can help calm your stomach, and your entire body. The great thing about ginger is that it offers the relief for the gastrointestinal distress almost immediately.


Chew on some dried or crystallized ginger to relax and soothe your system.


For Dehydration:


Most often a flight will leave you dehydrated due to lack of humidity in the air and consumption of dehydrating beverages, like coffee and alcohol.



When faced with this issue, I recommend not only drinking extra water, but also eating a few slices of cucumber or watermelon. These are great for offering your body the water it needs. They make a healthy treat too, which is very important to keep in mind.


To Increase the iron levels and support circulation:


Your blood pressure can rise during and after your air travel. A combination of experiencing the stress of travel, high sodium foods and drinks all play a part.



Sardines can help you lower blood pressure, and they will also boost the iron levels within your body. Plus, they are a great source of healthy fats and protein.


To Manage Constipation:


Sometimes, sitting for too many hours in the same chair and being exposed to a high air pressure can lead to constipation.



Look for foods with a high fiber content, like oats, beans, avocados or prunes.


To get an Energy boost:


Even though you sit through the entire flight, there’s no denying that air travel can be exhausting.



If you need to boost your energy, eat an orange. The citrus smell will invigorate and boost your vitamin C levels.


To support your Immune system:


Air travel undoubtedly lowers your defenses against germs.



Load up on fruits and veggies, especially citrus, garlic and sweet potatoes. They are rich in carotenes and they also offer great support for the thymus gland.


Avoid eating anything with sugar, as it is one of the most damaging food components to our immune system.


These are some of the best foods you can eat to make your travel as comfortable and as painless as possible.

They will provide you with an incredible way to improve your metabolism, all while offering complete metabolic recovery from your flight!

Where are you traveling to next?