My love for creating beautiful nutritious meals began at my grandmother’s country home in Russia—eating fresh fruits and berries, veggies, and mushrooms that we grew ourselves or foraged in the forest. The kitchen became my playground, where I felt free to express my creativity. The special bond continues with my own family: my beloved husband, daughter, and Samoyed pup at our home in Tampa, Florida.


Now, I help bring lasting memories like that into your home too!


My journey to founding Healthy Intent started in 2002, when I graduated from culinary school at the Art Institute of New York City. Through the years I’ve had an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the world’s best chefs, including Laurent Tourondel, Jacques Pepin, Tyler Florence, Andrew Zimmerman and many more… but I left the restaurant scene due to my struggle with scoliosis—unbearable pain, fatigue, and unhappiness overcame me. I know many of you can relate.


Thankfully, those challenging times led me to seek out holistic treatment options. In 2013, I had a major breakthrough and became enamored with how incredibly effective and sustainable this natural approach was! I was deeply moved and inspired to learn so I could use my unique skillset to help others find their breakthroughs too.


That experience sparked a passion in me to earn a Health Coaching Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and become a Certified Nutritional Consultant through The American Association of Nutritional Consultants. I had the opportunity to train under world-renowned integrative medical experts like Mark Hyman and Deepak Chopra.


I knew I found my path and my purpose…


I combined my culinary prowess with my nutrition and health experience to create Healthy Intent, a company dedicated to providing healthy, food and lifestyle-based solutions for weight loss, vitality and more. I began publishing “Healthy Intent” magazine and authored my book, Cravings Boss: The Real Reason You Crave Food and a 5-Step Plan to Take Back Control. I help thousands of people worldwide find hope and improve their lives with my work, through my online classes, speaking engagements, media outlet interviews, and in-person coaching.


Despite all the projects I work on, I can sustain my energy and motivation because of the principles that Healthy Intent is founded on—and so can you! With a heart-centered approach, I can help you overcome your fear of cooking and expand your culinary horizons, so meal times are infused with excitement and love instead of anxiety! I’ve got you covered for the in-between times too.


Start leading the life you long for & explore my class offerings today .

Find me on Facebook, check out my blog, or dive into my YouTube channel. I look forward to getting to know you.

Make today’s intent healthy!

— Natalia Levey, CNC, CHC

Founder and Creative Chef

Member of:

International Association of Health Coaches

The American Association of Nutritional Consultants

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

American College of Nutrition



“The kitchen is my playground. The dishes I prepare are the expression of my creativity and it is very rewarding to share that passion with others.”


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