“In today’s day in age it’s seems hard to get someone’s full attention. The time I spent with Natalia one on one was so inspiring. No matter what attitude I brought into our sessions I always left feeling renewed and more resourceful for my journey. She took her great listening skills and was able to truly hear what I was saying and offer concrete ideas and methods to help with those obstacles that were in my way ..keeping me from optimal health. Natalia has to be one of the most organized people I know. She is extremely conscientious, and very thorough. I was really impressed with her all the materials I had at the end of our sessions, as it provided me with something to turn to for direction when needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for health and wellness support.”


“Natalia taught us more than just cooking in her cooking classes. She taught us techniques, health facts, safety tips and most important of all, she taught us to pour love into the dishes we make. Not only do I feel way more confident in the kitchen now, but I also enjoy cooking and eat healthier thanks to her recipes and tips. Thank you, Natalia, for giving me that confidence and genuinely caring for your students.”


 “From a single gal who used to store her shoes in the kitchen cabinets to a mom of 2 boys. I was nervous about taking her class. Natalia created easy, fun and delicious menu items I could create for my family. My family loves the dishes I learned to cook and we are no longer a take out food family!!! I loved having the intimate cooking class where I got one on one training with Natalia. And her Crumbs are AMAZING!!!!”

— Jennifer

Martie Pineda
“Natalia has created an extraordinary labor of love in her program for creating energy and great health. 
She has taken hundreds of hours of research and analysis and has consolidated a comprehensive program to give you a thorough understanding of how your body works and why you will want to implement the information that she offers on her coaching program for transforming your health and wellness!
Full of helpful charts, beautiful graphics and essential information that makes getting into vital health a fascinating journey! 
I highly recommend this awesome program that has been priced to be accessible to the masses because Natalia wants everyone to be able to have great health and vitality
 — Martie Pineda, Certified Health Coach & Author
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