Foods to eat after a flight to manage travel discomfort

I’m proud to say I live in a city where the first scheduled commercial flight took place in 1914 across Tampa Bay.


Now on average over 100,000 flights go around the globe every day. That’s nothing short of amazing!


I love traveling… enough to spend 17 hours on a flight to Australia over Christmas break. Not counting the way back;)

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How to build EXTRAordinary relationships

When I crated the Tagline: Be the Boss of your health; BOSS stands for: Beyond ordinary self-care strategies. Ordinary is obvious: eat well, exercise, sleep. Beyond ordinary means looking deeper at what kind of food to eat, how to find what works for our bodies, finding what truly custom solutions are available.

A big part of my personal journey towards vibrant health meant repairing or letting go of some relationships.

 Let’s have a look at the types of relationships we all have in our lives, and how we can make them EXTRAordinary
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Face your Halloween sugar overdose like a Cravings Boss

Halloween party with children holding carving pumkin.

Some scary statistics to begin:

According to the World Health Organization the number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. And these numbers are projected to keep rising. By 2030 diabetes is projected to be the 7th leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Halloween is the biggest day in the US not only for the amount of people who dress up in the cute, scary, sexy outfits, unleashing their alter ego, but for the most consumed amount of sugar.


So how do you avoid getting trapped in your jeans or a dress (once on a cruise I had to have my dress cut off me after 5 servings of cherries jubilee)

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Carrot Mojito Juice

Don’t you just love summer? With trips to the beach, sunshine and all the yummy fresh fruit.
I’ve been completely obsessed with juicing everything! A juice every single afternoon has become my go-to snack, It’s given me energy to the rest of the day, my skin looks better than ever and I KNOW I’m getting so so many minerals and vitamins.
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5 easy tips to avoid cravings traps during any travel

My family and I have traveled throughout the world and while these trips have provided us with a unique perspective, each trip that we take presents a new set of challenges. In the summer season many folks travel a lot, and it can become challenging sticking to your normal routine. The good news is that modern day traveling is much different than it was even a few short years ago.

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Healthy Intent Magazine – Summer 2016
















Summer 2016 issue (#5) of Healthy Intent magazine is about something we want more of… CONFIDENCE.

I’ve gone through a very big personal transformation, and there have been many people who played instrumental role in mentoring me, advising, crying and laughing with me, sharing ups and downs, and most important, never left my side because they believed in me!

Women are mothers, daughters, caretakers, teachers, wives, business owners – we wear soo many hats. Our environments, relationships, life circumstances sometimes don’t allow us to develop confidence to thrive at everything we do.

This issue is my GIFT TO YOU.

And speaking of gifts, my personal branding photographer and good friend Heidi Hapanowicz has prepared a special gift for you: $100 off her brand new course that would teach you step by step how to design a photo shoot of your dreams that would take your brand to the next level. use the coupon code CONFIDENCE. This will be one of the best investments into your business.

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