Tuscan Avocado Toast

This delicious avocado toast has been a huge hit not only with my family, but with friends and my students. It reminds me of Italy with the addition of pine nuts and fragrant basil. Hope you enjoy this as much as we all do!

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How to meal plan like a gourmet chef


Do you find yourself wearing lots of hats? Not the kind that would protect you from the cold or the sun.

We are all running around, or sitting behind the computer all day, and the best meal planning efforts seem to get left at the checkout counter or a soccer practice.

Well, I’m popping in here today to help you change that. One of the hats I get to wear is a chef hat. My friend and psychic medium Lindsay is planning a retreat where I’ll be “chefing” and there’s a lot that goes into making sure that her event is a success.

So I am peeling off a curtain. Or an apron. Or just opening the doors wide open into my kitchen and spilling my secrets of meal planning like a chef.

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Carrot Mojito Juice

Don’t you just love summer? With trips to the beach, sunshine and all the yummy fresh fruit.
I’ve been completely obsessed with juicing everything! A juice every single afternoon has become my go-to snack, It’s given me energy to the rest of the day, my skin looks better than ever and I KNOW I’m getting so so many minerals and vitamins.
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