I was once told that if I could count on the fingers from one hand the number of true friends I have had in my life, I would be amazingly blessed. I took that to heart and made it a life-long promise to myself to put the cultivation and nourishing of others at the center of my world. Where has that gotten me?

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I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Meditation isn’t just for wimps anymore. Some of the most successful and powerful people use meditation techniques to advance their careers. Simply put: Meditation is the practice of warriors. Fortune 500 warriors, media warriors, professional athletes, musicians, best selling authors and yes, even comedians are on the mindful path of living a life of purpose.

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We’ve all heard about the importance of a good breakfast. Yet most of us are so busy trying to get out the door, we often forget to eat. However if we really analyze the word “Break Fast” we soon realize how important it is to fuel our body for the day ahead. After all, most of us sleep at least 5 to 8 hours a night and by the time we wake up, our mind/body engines are empty.

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Life sciences have proven throughout time that their physical body or brain cannot define a person, just as the wire through which it travels cannot define electricity. We are, rather, a life force of energy in a constant state of flux.  When it comes to self-image, this presents a problem because it is normally based on rather fixed beliefs about ourselves or on the even more fixed opinions of others about us.

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Our bodies are incredible, complex, beautiful living organisms. With over 200 bones and about 650 muscles, with the skin surface area of around 1.5-2 square meters for an average adult, – we breathe, move, think and are even able to create life.

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Do you often find yourself “postponing” reaching your goals, making deals with yourself, then bargaining to get out of them, waiting until a certain day to make a resolution? I’ll be happy when…. I’ll feel better when… Sounds familiar? Life is unpredictable and will always look to throw a curve ball at you, present a new challenge.

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