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Spring 2016 issue (#4) of Healthy Intent magazine is going to take you on a journey. Yes, you guess correctly – that’s the theme threading this issue. We all go through journeys. Every minute, hour, day, week, month… Our life is filled with mini-journeys and big journeys that teach us much needed lessons or just make us feel good.

Healthy Intent is a two-year journey for me at this point and I’m so honored to share it with you.

Let’s meet this issue’s contributors.

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The Importance Of Intentions for A Successful Day

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer


Everything we do in a day, in fact in a lifetime; begins with intention. We intend to get up, dress ourselves go to work and drop the kids off at school. We intend to take the stairs, have salad for lunch and be nice to the co-worker who drains the coffee pot and never makes a fresh one. Okay, so not all of our good intentions come to pass. But the fact is, we begin with intentions. We make choices every day


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